Time to Act: 2023 Political Landscape Comes into Focus

Recently, we tried something new.

We launched a video series featuring bipartisan legislators from the valley to the coast – talking about common ground solutions to carbon storage, mitigating wildfire risk, supporting our timber industry, and getting our electorate more engaged in the political process – beyond Election Day.

The series is called “Pushing Past Politics.”

And, with the divisive 2022 election cycle now moving into the rearview mirror, that’s exactly what we hope our new crop of state legislators and Governor-elect Kotek can strive to do.

After tense races in several toss-up districts, the political landscape in Oregon is coming into focus even though some races are still too close to call. You can find the most up-to-date election results from The Oregonian.

In 2023, it’s looking like Democrats will maintain majorities in the state Legislature. However, in both chambers, they won’t have a supermajority (which allows them to pass taxes without bipartisan support) – and given the tight nature of the gubernatorial race, it’s clear that Oregonians are hungry for more balance in Salem.

Now that the dust is settling, we expect this next Legislature to take up rational policies that help improve our forestry industry. We’ll be there to cheer them on, or raise concerns, as they debate the issues during the 2023 session and beyond. We know you’ll be right there with us.

While we don’t have a crystal ball, there are some evergreen policies that we know will come up next year: Protecting water quality, fully funding our state’s firefighters and recovery efforts, curbing the state’s carbon emissions, and more.

With record turnover in the state Legislature, we also have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to educate our elected leaders on forestry policy. We don’t want to miss this moment.

You are one of more than 50,000 (and growing!) Oregon Forests Forever advocates. Together, we will make sure this next Legislature knows our issues, and supports our industry. Keep an eye out for a virtual legislative preview and advocacy training before the 2023 session.

Our forestry community is no stranger to rolling up our sleeves and getting the work done.

It’s time to act.

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