Pushing past politics

In this divisive election cycle, it’s important to showcase the issues that unite us as Oregonians.

No issue does that more than our forests – whether you work in the woods, use forest products every day, or just like the recreational opportunities they afford, Oregonians of all stripes benefit from healthy forests.

That’s why we sat down with elected Republicans and Democrats, from the Willamette Valley to the Coast, to see how the timber industry impacts their communities and why it’s critical that our forests receive bipartisan support.

Why should timber be a bipartisan issue?

What role can actively managed forests play in carbon capture and storage?

Has wildfire impacted your district and what policies could mitigate risk?

What’s the best way for Oregonians to be more involved in policy discussions?

We’re focused on actively and sustainably managing our forests in Oregon.

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Wildfire Prevention

Protecting human lives, property, and timber-producing forest

Cold Clean Water

Oregon’s forests produce the highest quality water in the state


Supporting communities and the environment

Carbon Solutions and Climate Change

Working forests are key in the fight against climate change

Community Jobs

Offering a career path and future for everyone

Professional Forest Management

Forest practice laws safeguard water, fish and wildlife

Wildlife in Managed Forests

Different forest types create and maintain wildlife habitats

Renewable Building Materials

Oregon has the same amount of forestland now as 100 years ago