5 Ways to Support Oregon Reforestation on Arbor Day – And Every Day!

Oregon is known for its beautiful forests, which provide us with clean air, fresh water, lumber and space for recreational activities like hiking and camping. But did you know that almost half of Oregon is covered in forests? Thanks to reforestation efforts, state policies and sustainable forest management, Oregon has maintained this amount of forested land for a hundred years.

Arbor Day is the perfect day for Oregonians to celebrate their love of our beautiful forests. This holiday has been celebrated in the United States in some form since 1872. Each year in April, people around the country gather to plant trees in their community.

5 Ways to Support Oregon Reforestation on Arbor Day – And Every Day!

Arbor Day is celebrated nationally on the last Friday of April; however, Oregonians are so passionate about trees that April was designated as Arbor Month. This enables people across the state to find even more opportunities to get involved throughout the month. Many cities host conservation-themed events, encouraging the community to participate in sustainability practices, tree-planting and reforestation efforts.

Anyone can make a meaningful impact by caring for Oregon’s vital forest ecosystems. Here are five ways you can take action and make a difference on Arbor Day—and every other day, too.

1. Volunteer for Tree-Planting Events

One of the most direct ways to celebrate Arbor Day is by volunteering for a tree-planting event. Nonprofits, conservation groups and local communities organize tree-planting events throughout the year, including on Arbor Day. These events are easy to sign up for and provide hands-on opportunities for you and your family to learn about native trees. Planting trees helps restore areas affected by wildfires, storms or other disturbances.

Volunteering makes a tangible impact on the environment while learning about Oregon’s ecosystem and reforestation efforts. It’s also a great way to connect with like-minded individuals in your community.

Planting trees isn’t just for Arbor Day. Local conservation organizations often run tree-planting events throughout the year, allowing you many opportunities to help restore your community.

2. Support Reforestation Organizations and Efforts

Another way to support Oregon’s reforestation is by donating to organizations dedicated to tree planting and forest restoration. These organizations often work in partnership with communities, landowners and government agencies to plant trees, conduct research and advocate for forest conservation.

Oregonians love trees, so there are numerous organizations to which you can donate your time or money. Some focus on urban forestry and community tree-planting, while others work to restore forests on public and private lands. No matter your interest, there are many wonderful organizations to donate to raise awareness about tree planting, reforestation and forest health.

3. Support Sustainable Forestry

Oregon is the country’s number one producer of softwood lumber and plywood, and our state government recognizes the importance of timber as a renewable resource. Oregon has long-standing laws in place to help protect our ecosystem and economy. The Oregon Forest Practices Act, which has been in law since 1971, helps to safeguard water sources and wildlife habitats by setting requirements for forest roads, timber harvesting and reforestation practices.

Just recently, the Forest Practices Act was updated with the most comprehensive changes in 50 years to expand protections for aquatic species. The changes were the result of a collaborative effort between environmental groups and the timber industry to find common ground on ways to protect Oregon’s native fish while ensuring stability for one of Oregon’s most iconic industries.

As a consumer, you can help support sustainable forestry by choosing wood products grown in Oregon . All wood grown in Oregon under the Forest Practices Act qualifies as sustainably sourced and qualifies for LEED certification in buildings.

Another way to support sustainable forestry is by signing up for the Oregon Forests Forever email list. This is a growing coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses across the state led by the Oregon Forest Industries Council. By joining and receiving news updates by email, you can help support the active, sustainable management of Oregon’s forests.

4. Plant Trees in Your Own Yard

You don’t need to go far away from home to celebrate Arbor Day. Why not plant a tree or two in your own yard this year? Even one or two trees in your backyard can make a big difference. A tree provides shade to your yard and home and creates a more pleasant, relaxing environment for your family. A tree will also create new homes for wildlife, resulting in a more diverse ecosystem in your backyard. Additionally, a single tree will absorb about 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Choose trees that are native to your region. This will encourage native birds and pollinating insects to visit your yard, helping restore your neighborhood’s healthy, diverse ecosystem. Avoid invasive, non-native trees, which may quickly overrun other plants in your yard, taking away vital nutrients and resources. Always check city and neighborhood guidelines before planting new trees on your property.

5. Educate Yourself and Others

Oregon forests are a beautiful and essential part of our state’s culture. As a citizen, it’s crucial to learn more about conservation efforts and their impact on a sustainable future. Oregon Forests Forever aims to keep Oregonians informed about everything that has to do with managed forests. By signing up for emails, you can stay up to date on wildfire prevention strategies and other sustainable forestry news.

Share what you’ve learned with others in your life, too. Many Oregonians love trees and forests and would like to help but aren’t sure where to start. By opening that conversation, you can help your friends, family and neighbors figure out ways to get involved.

Arbor Day is the perfect time to get started in your own community and talk to other people who are passionate about trees. With the weather turning warmer, there’s no better time to volunteer to plant trees or attend another conservation event in your community.

Anyone can make a difference in contributing to Oregon’s vital forest ecosystems. By volunteering for a tree-planting event, donating to conservation organizations or learning about Oregon’s reforestation efforts on Arbor Day—and every other day, too.

We’re focused on actively and sustainably managing our forests in Oregon.

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