New tool helps Oregon residents prepare for wildfires

wildfireThe Oregon Department of Forestry is offering a new online tool that allows Oregon residents to assess the risk of wildfires for their location anywhere in the state.

The Oregonian reports that some areas of the state are more prone to wildfires than others. The tool is part of the Oregon Explore website and can calculate how high the risk for a wildfire is for any given location. It also offers resources that allow residents to generate a unique report to their address showing how much defensible space should be cleared around their home, wildfire history for their area and local contacts for more information.

“Using the Explorer, homeowners can see where and how likely wildfires are to occur in their area,” said state analyst Teresa Alcock in a statement. “This is based on historical wildfire data, local vegetation and weather.

Rick Stratton, a fire analyst with the U.S. Forest Service, said in a statement, “The risk assessment has three major goals: map and assess wildfire risk on all lands in Oregon and Washington, use an interagency approach to foster relationships, and produce a product that would be immediately used by the wildland fire managers, other federal and state programs, private industry and the public.”

For more information, read the full release at The Oregonian, or visit Oregon Explorer to generate your own report for your home.