When we fail to actively and sustainably manage our forests, we put our environment and communities at risk from catastrophic wildfires. These mega-fires are a policy and management failure. There’s a better way: smart, innovative forestry. 

Working together, we can speak up for the trees and advocate for scientifically proven, smart forest practices to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires.

Smart forestry protects our environment:

Smart forestry prevents wildfires:

  • Thinning and harvest removes risky, fire-prone fuel like diseased and damaged trees and makes room for healthy tree growth and regeneration of new trees
  • Prescribed fire clears underbrush, making forests more resilient to catastrophic wildfire
  • Removing dead and damaged trees after a fire and replanting prevents future wildfire
  • Maintaining a high-quality road system so unwanted fire can be safely and aggressively put out