Salem politicians are considering a new timber tax. On top of a pandemic. On top of business lockdowns. On top of historic wildfires.

Has there ever been a worse time for a new timber tax? 

It’s time to restore and rebuild our forests and communities — not impose another new tax that will slow our road to recovery. Sign up to testify against the new timber tax. We will reach out to ensure you have everything you need to testify against HB 2379.

After clicking “sign up,” follow these three steps on the next page to complete your registration to testify:

  1. Fill out your information
  2. Scroll down to find HB 2379. Click the circle for “Yes” and then check the box for “Against”
  3. Mark your calendar for February 25 from 3:15pm – 5:15pm to voice your opposition to HB 2379 and new timber taxes.
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