National hammock craze comes to Oregon’s forests

hammocks in the forests

There’s a new hobby growing in Oregon’s forests. Hammocks!


The Oregon State University Hammock Club recently explained this trend to The Daily Barometer to explore why millennials especially are latching onto the activity.


“You don’t need a lot of gear to do it,” explains Cameron Bennett, in an article published in the student newspaper. “It’s great getting people involved in the outdoors.”


Hammock clubs have been on the rise on college campuses, with OSU leading the way for Oregon. In 2015, the top hammock retailer for REI Inc., Eagle Nest Outfitters, said their sales had doubled each year for the previous five years. And many in Oregon are taking advantage of our forests for their new leisure activity.


The Hammock Club at OSU has caravanned to the Three Sister and Umpqua Beach, with plans to visit the Bald Hill hiking area near campus and the McDonald-Dunn forest to the north.

“You don’t need a lot of gear to do it,” explains Cameron Bennett

As with every activity in forests, it’s important to consider how you treat nature. In The Daily Barometer article, Bennett explains that the OSU club is committed to responsible hammocking. They take care to leave no footprint and protect the trees and environment.


If you plan to join the hammock craze and visit one of Oregon’s forests, consider checking out our past article on proper hiking etiquette.


Hang in there!