Forest tourism means lucrative business for nearby communities

tourism in the forest

A new report from the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service examined spending patterns of outdoor recreation tourism to national forests. What they found is that Oregon’s forests provide a lot of green –both natural and folding –for neighboring cities and towns.

In all, Oregon’s national forests receive nine million visits each year, and visitors spend almost $450 million annually in communities located near the national forests. This spending supports around 4,000 year-long jobs and $129 million in labor income for businesses and employees. Oregon coast’s own national forest, the Siuslaw National Forest, is recognized with above average spending by visitors.

The research was based on survey data from the Forest Service’s National Visitor Use Monitoring program, used to estimate the average spending per trip, the share of recreation visits, average people per party, types of recreation activities, and other characteristics to help provide an economic analysis of outdoor recreation use.

The Pacific Northwest Region of the USDA Forest Service is comprised of 16 National Forests and a National Grassland comprising of 24.7 million acres in Oregon and Washington.

These findings show yet another way we can be thankful for Oregon’s forests.