Failure to actively manage our forests has created catastrophic wildfires that devastate Oregon. Millions of acres of forests have burned. Smoke and toxic debris have polluted our air and water. 

Families and animals have been evacuated and many have lost their lives, homes and jobs. Beloved outdoor events have been shut down. This isn’t the Oregon way – we can do better.

Wildfires damage our health:

Wildfires harm our environment:

Wildfires threaten our communities:

  • Wildfires evacuated more than 7,600 Oregonians from their homes in 2017; nearly 20,000 structures were threatened and 10 families lost their homes.
  • Smoke and fire caused the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to suffer $5.4 million in losses during 2017 and 2018
  • Cycle Oregon canceled its 30th annual ride due to wildfire smoke in 2017
  • Travel Oregon estimated a $51.5 million loss in visitor spending attributable to wildfires in 2017; $16 million loss in employee earnings